About Us - A Church Family Located Between Washington & Metamora


Our mission...

To serve Jesus Christ as a community of his disciples, speaking the truth about Him in love to each other and to the surrounding community with a passion to increase His kingdom.


Our purpose...

Here’s what you should know about Metamora Church.

First, this church is devoted to Jesus. We try our best to fully understand who Jesus is and rely on his mercy for what we don’t understand. We want to know and live what he taught so we can honor him. Jesus controls everything we do, and we’re committed to being faithful to him.

Second, we’re devoted to you. We want to spread the message of Jesus Christ so that you know what God has done for you through Jesus. He’s fixed the relationship of people with God and wants us to be with him. Our mission is to know and live Jesus Christ as he continues to transform us, and to share this with those around us.

We’re here to teach you all we can. Let’s find the answers to your questions. We want you to be part of this.


What we believe...

First and foremost, God is LOVE! He loves his creation. He wants everyone to be in heaven with him at the end of time. Until then, life on earth is a proving ground. Everybody who believes God and accepts his holiness will be acceptable to God. Those who desire ungodliness will not.

Because of our sin, God sent his Son to live in the flesh. Jesus the Christ lived sinlessly and sacrificed himself in death for the sins of all mankind. He arose from death, appeared to his disciples and many others and ascended back to God. Those who accept Jesus Christ in faith and are washed by his blood in baptism are saved.

The church is God's collection of those who are saved. Those who receive the word of Jesus Christ are baptized and added to the group. In the church, we worship and work together to grow, like one big family.