We Want to Help You Build a Relationship With God


Do you or someone you know struggle with this hard life and its questions?
We want to share The Answer we’ve found.



Hi, we’re Ethan and Salem Riffle, members of Metamora Church. Ethan works full-time as an evangelist for the congregation, responsible for teaching and outreach. Salem works as a nurse part-time and supermom full-time. We work together as husband and wife for the benefit of this church and for other people to learn about the life and death of Jesus.

We’re dedicated to helping people understand the message of Jesus and how it offers purpose and meaning for our lives. God wants you to understand and respond to what He’s done for you through Jesus (1 Tim. 2:3-4). We want to help.

If you want to contact someone or have any questions, send us a message below or email Ethan directly at ethan@metamorachurch.com. We appreciate your interest!


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